Rose Gardening: How To Keep a Beautiful Rose Garden

Roses are considered to be the representation of love. Since a long time, a rose has always been a very famous flower that is famous not just for its exquisiteness but also for the importance that is associated with it. There are a lot of assortments and various colors of roses. Growing roses is common among every flower lover. You have to look after the garden at all times of the year to make certain that the flowers continue to stay as stunning as they ought to be.

You ought to take into account a few things if you would like to maintain the rose garden in a fine way.


Prior to planting the rose plant, you ought to foremost test out the spot and the soil. At all times choose a properly drained, sunny spot. Bear in mind to spruce every bruised and broken root and nip the top growth up to six to eight inches. Hollow out holes for planting for a minimum of six inches far down than required for the roots of the plant. The burrow ought to be sufficiently big to have room for the roots without bending or crowding, and then put in a small number of pebbles or small rocks at the base of the holes in order to make drainage possible. Mix up around one tablespoonful of manure with the top soil that is put on top of the drainage material. Cover up the mix using plain soil, getting the height to the preferred planting deepness.


There are various kinds of roses and each kind requires different attention and care. A number of them are roses for the winter season; a few are for the summer season and a few are spring roses.

Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Polyantha Types:

For these kinds of rose the foremost feeding happens near the beginning of spring the moment the leaf buds starts to swell up. You ought to clean the fertilizer and mix plant food in the ground about the plant. Make use of around one tablespoonful of manure for each plant. Then the 2nd feeding happens that ought to be performed in the similar way and straight away subsequent to the foremost ample bloom. The 3rd feeding happens during the later part of summer and ought to be done in the same way as well.

Tea Roses:

A similar process is pursued for this kind as well but the quantity of manure made use of is a little extra. In this case you ought to make use of 1/2 of the earlier stated quantities, administering in the same way and at the similar times.

Hybrid Perpetual, Ascending, Shrub Roses:

For these kinds of rose around one tablespoonful of manure is made use of for every square foot of area about the bush near the beginning of spring. When blooms begin to come into sight the plants have to be fed once more.

Pests and Diseases:

Fungal infectivity is very familiar in roses. Near the beginning of summer, when fungus usually appears on roses, black spots come into sight on the flowers. Insects, for instance red spider, thrips, and aphids, are a number of the bugs, which create troubles. Taking care is simple and avoidance is convenient with the normal utilization of chemicals, which controls the majority of fungal infection and sucking and chewing insects.