Rose Garden

Rose is a  beautiful flower and many would like to possess it. It is a symbol of love. Much affection is conveyed while giving a bouquet of roses. Obvioulsy, a rose garden would be envied by many . Roses of different colors, the natural look, pink. red, yellow, are nature’s delight and when your garden is adorned by these exquisite flowers, one feels like one is in heaven.

Some of  the different types of roses to choose from

One has many to choose from.

Hybrid Teas-

It has a large bloom at the end of a long cane. It is the mist popular rose sold in the marketa and can be found in most colrs ,except blue and black. Some well known ones are Double Delight,Mr. Lincoln, St. Patrick, Veterans’ Honor …..


These are a combination of hybrid teas and floribundas with some being of one-bloom and some of cluster blooms. Popular names are Queen Elizabeth, Gold Medaland Arizona.

Mini-Floras –

These are actually very large, but at the same too small for a hybrid tea or floribunda. They are popularly known as Cachet, Autumn Splendor , Butter Cream……

Old Garden rose

-It includes the species (wild) roses, albas, bourbons, centifolias, damasks, eglantines, gallicas, mosses, noisettes, portlands, teas, etc. They are availbale in every growth and bloom pattern and color. They can range from 1 foot to over 50 feet in height. They have good repeat bloom .Some  examples include Lady Banks, Rose de Rescht, Baronne Prevost, and Sombreuil.

Other popular categories of roses are the shrubs, which are generally hybrids of species and Polyanthas, which are low-growing bushes with small flowers in clusters

Care of a Rose Garden

  1. Bloom should be good, and for this certain measures should be adopted.
  2. Buy good plants, which are young , field grown and budded plants.
  3. Plants which are not pruned should have 3 or more heavy 18 inches canes. Pruned plants should ahve canes with a diameter of atleast 1/4 inch at the top.
  4. While planting, select a sunny well-drained location.The first feeding should come in early spring as soon as the leaf buds begin to swell.
  5. Artificial watering may be necessary if summer rainfall is insufficient. If soil is well drained, there is not much danger of overwatering.
  6. Regular dusting every week or 10 days will keep insects such as aphids, thrips etc away
  7. Bush type roses should be pruned in the early spring when the leaf buds begin to swell, but before growth starts.
  8. Winter mulching with straw, peat moss, or other material is advisable in all but the extreme southern sections of the United States to ensure that plants are protected during the winter.

Have a rose garden and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the rose. Give visitors a treat that they shall always remember. Beautiful surroundings enhance your image as hostess.