Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Gardens are an asset to the surroundings of a house and if there are  water fountains in it, it is all the more attractive and enticing. A fountain that fits your area adds class to already existing charm of the flowers and trees.

Fountains occupy less space and can be mounted on a wall, fence or a post. Add water, plug in and switch on ( any standard electrical outlet can be used), and you have the most convenient and beautiful fountain in front of you. The volume of the water can be controlled.  They are lightweight and some are made of fiber glass, so they are durable wall fountains and weigh less than you would expect, even after being filled with water.  Some  are also made of  plastic, stone, concrete or copper.

A touch of nature is what outdoor garden water fountains remind you of. They enhance the quality of your surroundings and make excellent gifts! These fountains relax you in an outdoor set-up. They are stress-reducers and room beautifiers. The bubbling sound of water attracts visitors.

The humid atmosphere created by the gentle splash and spray of the fountain is perfect for growing ferns and mositure loving plants closeby.

Easy to manage.  One need not use filtered water, tap water is enough. The fiber glass fountains are easy to handle and can be bought directly thus avoiding the middlemen. If one was going in for a stone garden fountain, then one should contact one’s local garden center or home improvement store first. Online store features a varied selection of outdoor garden fountains that one could choose from. Apart from modern ones, you also get classic ones.

Some of the popular outdoor garden fountains are

The Vicobello3-Tier Fountain, “New”Tonela Jar Urn Fountains,Venice Garden Fountain,”New”

Grecian Urn Fountain,”New” Tibor Melon Urn Fountain Large,The Corner Fountain Stone Finish

Historical Genesis

Garden fountains originated from the ancient Middle East. Diagrams on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs show the use of garden fountains within the enclosed courtyards of special homes. They were typically in the form of a rectangular fish pond, with an impressive row of decorative and fruit-bearing trees lining the edges. The Mespotonians used fountains extensively in their formal gardens. The Persian influence is also there which is felt by the enclosure of the gardens and pools.  These inspired the designs of the present day Persian carpets. Romans had the public bath rituals and had gardens having such public baths.  Myths, legends, symbols, poetry, music, art all extol the power of water through its’s numerous water fountains. Everybody in every age and period craved to see water flowing and villages and cities developed near the source of water.

Fountains, therefore, embody symbolic, artistic and social ideas and are aesthetically a thing to be possessed by one and all.