Know All About Garden Decorative Pots

Garden signifies beauty. An ornament is also an object of beauty. Decorative garden pots are the ornaments of a garden and they both enhance each other’s beauty.

Decorative garden pots are born of skilled and artistic craftsmanship. They vary in size, shape and color as the imagination varies from person to person. Even the materials used vary widely. But they all serve a common purpose. That is, to look beautiful and add to the beauty of the garden.

  • There was a time when plastic and clay pots were most in use. But technological advancement has made it possible to combine the best qualities of both. Plastics retain moisture and this very quality gives a great relief that it is not necessary to water the plants so often. Plastic pots can withstand winter. But after all, plastic pots do not have the resemblance of clay pots that have a special place as garden pots in our imagination.
  • But clay pots too have their shortcomings. They are heavy and so difficult to move.
  • Polyurethane pots are very popular nowadays. They come in many different shapes, colors and sizes to fit any plant and decor. They can resist both heat and cold and that is a very special advantage.
  • Plain clay pots may turn into very attractive objects with paints and sand. Terra-cotta pots are therefore quite popular. Plastic pots too have good demand. Sometimes they are given terra-cotta look.
  • Dura cotta is a modern material that provides a traditional look by mimicking terra cotta using a durable polyethylene plastic. Hand crafted pottery also take care of a good amount of demands for decorative garden pots. Brightness of pottery products goes a long way to attract visitors to gardens.
  • There are also Amalfi Urns. These garden urns are gracefully shaped and they add a touch of formality to your garden. These urns are handmade terra cotta; real moss is used to age them, so when you shower your plants with water, the moss will grow naturally. These urns cannot stand frost, and so make sure you keep them indoors in winter.
  • Decorative garden pots are of many varieties no doubt but that should not confuse one. Your prime concern should be where you want to use them, and if so for what purpose, what would be the durability of these pots and will the cost exceed the price limit in ones mind?.
  • Proceed with patience and make the right choice. You can see your garden smiling , and so will the decorative garden pots you have banked upon after a thorough sorting!