Invite Birds to your Garden

Invite birds to your garden. They will not only provide you a sense of aesthetic beauty but also will fill your heart with unimaginable joy.

Here some ideas to attract birds to your garden:

  • Provide a regular source of food to the birds. Birds have a very high metabolism. So they need to eat constantly to survive.
  • Provide a good water source for bathing. The water should be dripping, as they like to bath in dripping water.
  • Many birds like to take dust bath to keep the parasites away from themselves. Border a small area of 3 square feet with decorative rocks and bricks. Fill the bordered area with loose soil. It can be a mixture of sand, ash and loam.
  • Birds need open places for relaxing. Build some bird houses by mud or place some artificial bird houses. Fill the net bag with strings and it can be a safe and comfortable home for the birds.
  • In winter to protect them from being starving offer alternative food such as seeds, suet, and fruits.
  • Plant trees accordingly to shelter the birds from wind and cold. Sow the taller trees at the back and then the small ones and the shrubs in the front of the bird house.
  • Keep one or two bird tables in your garden. The roofed ones help to keep the food dry, provide some protection from aerial predators and may prevent some larger species from feeding.
  • The edge of the bird table should have sides to prevent the food from blowing away.
  • Use bird feeders. Over-stocked bird feeders can attract rats. Try not to let seed build up on the ground.
  • To attract hummingbirds to your garden during the summer, plant flowers with an abundance of nectar, such as gladiolus, lilies, or butterfly bushes.
  • Provide a hummingbird feeder with a mixture of sugar and water for the times when the hummingbirds cannot find enough nectar in the flowers around your house.
  • Trellises erected 20cm or so away from walls can provide safe spaces for nesting birds.
  • Berry-bearing plants such as cotoneaster and rowan feed winter birds and may even attract exotic species such as waxwing in winter.
  • If you have an apple tree, leave a few rotten apples in the autumn for blackbirds.
  • Leave teasels standing throughout the winter to attract goldfinches
  • In a dry spring, moisten a patch of soil for house martins to gather mud for their nests.
  • Do not feed birds anything salty – it can dehydrate and even poison them.