How to Grow a Healthy Houseplant?

Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes and health reasons such as indoor air purification. They can last for years if you provide the proper care. Many houseplants differ in their specific cultural requirements, but here are some general tips to keep yours houseplant healthy.

Tips to grow a healthy houseplant:


    Match the plant with light conditions. Houseplants vary in their light requirements. Your plant will also tell you if it is getting too much or too little light. Too much light usually turns the foliage dull green to yellowish and the leaves may also wilt even though the plant has plenty of water. If your plant is not getting enough light, it will get leggy and less compact.


      Do use quality potting soil. It promotes healthy roots by providing a balance of proper aeration, nutrition and moisture-holding capability.


        1. Tap water can contain mineral salts which are sufficient to harm houseplants. So use distilled or filtered water instead.

        2. Water the pot until water runs out of the bottom. This serves two purposes. First, it washes out all the excess salts (fertilizer residue). Second, it guarantees that the bottom two-thirds of the pot, which contains most of the roots, receives sufficient water.

        3. However, don’t let the pot sit in the water that runs out. After a thorough watering, wait until the soil dries at the 2-inch depth before watering again.

        4. Don’t leave standing water in the catch-tray for more than a day or two because this can promote root diseases.


          Fertilize your houseplants on monthly basis. Do not fertilize dormant plants. The frequent watering required by most houseplants leaches nutrients out of the soil.So fertilize your houseplants on weekly or monthly basis as per requirement regularly.

          Other things to consider:

          • Examine your plants carefully for insects, pests once a week. If you notice any, use the suitable insect spray
          • Keep the foliage clean and the remove dead or dying leaves. Don’t forget to dust the accumulates on the leaves.
          • Increase humidity and avoid drafts. Keep plants away from heater vents, doorways or drafty windows. Increase humidity by setting plants on trays layered with small pebbles and filled with water.
          • Proper Drainage is essential to grow a healthy houseplant. Pots and containers need holes in the bottom to drain excess water from the soil and to absorb water when watered in a bottom saucer