How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes from Your Garden

Mosquitoes in your gardens are more than just a nuisance. There are various types of sprays and chemicals are available to control their numbers. However they may be destructive to other friendly pests and plants.

Here are some simple natural tips to drive away pesky mosquitoes from your garden:

  • Make a spray of garlic and spray it on the bushes or growing garlic plants in your garden reduce the growth of mosquitoes.
  • Grow the following plants in your garden to naturally repel mosquitoes.

1. Rosemary -This plant produces a pungent odor which repels mosquitoes.

2. Marigolds-Mosquitoes simply can not stand it. So don’t forget to plant it

3. Catnip-Its characteristic odor is a terrific natural mosquito repellant.

  • Stocking your garden pond with guppies or goldfish is a best natural way to get rid of mosquitoes and their larvae.
  • Setting up a bird house or a bird feeder may also help control the mosquito population. Mosquitoes make great snacks for fine feathered friends.
  • Do not eliminate friendly toads from your garden as they can feast nearly hundred mosquitoes in one night. So having them in your garden pond is a wonderful way to get rid of mosquitoes. However make sure not to overload your yard with the croaking creatures.
  • Don’t forget to clean standing and stagnant water bodies in your garden, at least once a week, as this is the nursery for the mosquitoes to breed in huge numbers.
  • Keep drains, ditches and culverts clean of weeds to discourage mosquito’s growth.
  • Trim shrubs on weekly basis to discourage mosquitoes from resting on foliage.
  • Keep clear of leaves and other debris from rain gutters.
  • You can use some mosquito-trapping machines in your garden.
  • You can use dunks a doughnut-shaped blocks containing BTi. This natural pesticide kills mosquito larvae, but is not toxic to animals and fish. These dunks dissolve slowly in water killing mosquito larvae developing in water.
  • Mosquitoes dislike sound and light, so they keep themselves on dark and quite places like basements. A soothing sound will also repel mosquitoes.