How to Decorate Your Garden on Occassion and Celebrations?

On special occasions and events, as we adorn ourselves with beautiful clothes, jewels and ornaments. Our gardens are also decorated on such events befitting the respective tunes of those moments. The special looks given to the gardens exhibit both the artistic sense and mastery over the technicalities in the matter on the part of those who labor hard to attain success.

  • The first question that the decorators would ask the organizers is what the special occasion is or what the celebration is for; and the whole thing would be planned accordingly. They will plan the whole thing accordingly. Obviously the decoration of the garden for a child’s birthday party will differ from that of a wedding party or a marriage anniversary of an old couple.
  • To add space, style and elegance the whole design is chalked out. Starting from the furniture and finishing with appropriate lighting everything should be viewed with a specialist’s outlook.
  • Wooden structures are often the natural choice for the gardens. The gate design is very important. Even cedar or redwood may be. Safety precautions should not be lost sight of while installing structures.
  • Often ceramic tile designs or bas-relief tile designs or tile murals are utilized. Ceramic art objects may be the right choice for decoration of a garden. The furniture should be so designed and placed that they should not obstruct movements but add beauty to the garden. Garden umbrellas may be attractive and useful.
  • Paths should facilitate easy movements while eliminating risk of anyone slipping over the same since any such eventuality may mar the whole occasion or celebration.
  • Lighting gives the finishing touch to the decoration of the garden. But this is like the last touch of a painter’s brush. It should be both artistic and useful. Garden lighting techniques ordain that the light source should be concealed with help of a glare guard on it or it may be put behind a shrub or large branch or wall or rock. Luminaries should better be not installed in the undergrowth of low shrubs or tall grasses. We must be careful that extremely bright lighting may have a theatrical look.
  • Every surface should not be illuminated. Shadows too have a role to play since they give prominence to the lighted areas.
  • Fountains can also give special look to the garden. Fountains with soothing lights reflected on the water flow along with the soft rhythmic sound emanating from that may highlight the dancing mood of the event.

So a garden is beautiful no doubt but if it is decorated on special occasions and celebrations it may generate the feeling that one has landed on a dreamland. Such an experience would make the event unforgettable.