How to Choose Gardening Boots?

Gardening boots should never be seen as a fashion accessory but as a need. So, never mind its looks, use it for its strength and hardness. If, instead, you prefer to wear your keds or any other pair of shoes, you’ll only end up ruining them, so investing in a pair of gardening boots is absolutely essential.

How to select gardening boots:
When looking out for gardening boots, look for the following characteristics in them:

  • They must be easy to get into and to take off: These traits will encourage you to wear them whenever you’re out in your garden.
  • Are they made of waterproof material like rubber? Being waterproof means you can get to run in them if you need to under the garden hose. So, go with them.
  • Well-built and lasting: Look out for tough made boots that are built to last forever. Certainly, don’t go in for anything flimsy, though lightweight boots are a good option. If instead you wear rubber flip-flops, you can be scratched in your garden by rose thorns and branches, so watch it!

Though you will need tough gardening boots, there may also be times when you need rubber boots for gardening. Though they may be difficult to get into, they give you a lot of protection from dirt, water and mud. The size of your boots is largely dependent on the amount and kind of work you will be doing in your garden. If it seems like a lot of work, you might need boots that extend way above your ankle. They may not look smart but will protect your trousers.
If, on the other hand, you work in tall and wet grass, or in a muddy garden bed, you might need more protection. For you, waterproof boots might be best. They are both easy to wear and take off and they keep your feet warm. Waterproof gardening boots are best if they have shanks as protection for your feet while shoveling. Besides, they are easy to clean with a water hose.

Also called Muck boots, when buying these, see that you buy one size larger so that if you’re out in the cold, you can wear thick socks. Also see that you have a highly reinforced toe cap and instep, a removable foot bed for extra insulation and cushioning, an anti-shock heel, a double-terry moisture-control lining to convey moisture from the foot for increased comfort, cooling and foot health, a kick-rim for boots to be kicked off without damaging them and a rubber Achilles protector to prevent you from feeling any blows you might receive on the back of your ankle.

This, perhaps, is the best kind of pair of gardening boots you could find that could look good and serve your purposes of gardening. You need to have a tough pair of boots on while in the garden, so don’t substitute this for anything that might look better, but not do a better job.