Growing houseplants in water

Many plants grow as well in water as in soil; rather some grow better in water.

There are several obvious advantages, especially when you decide to grow a houseplant in water. In this case you need not worry about giving your plants too much or too little water, there is no messy soil or drain dish to bother with, and none of the hassles associated with repotting when the plant outgrows etc.

Here are some tips for growing a beautiful houseplant in water.

  • Check the plants which can grow well in water.
  • For growing a houseplant in water always select glass containers. Plastic, ceramic, or pottery containers may, over time, leach harmful chemicals into the water, which could damage or kill your plants.
  • Algae tend to grow in clear containers exposed to bright light. To avoid problems with algae, use dark glass containers or place your glass containers inside baskets, decorative bowls, or pots.
  • If you plan to grow your plants from uprooted cuttings, you should remove all the leaves from the portions of the stems that will be under water.
  • Plants growing in water should not be placed in direct sunlight. Place them in bright, indirect light. Average indoor temperatures are adequate.
  • Water can evaporate quickly if the humidity is low inside your home. Remember to check the container and add water when necessary.
  • Consult your local garden center for the appropriate plant food.
  • Feed a well-rooted, water-grown plant about once a month with a weak solution of liquid plant food. Use a foliar spray to feed you plants.
  • Wait approximately one week then replace all the water in the container.

Some plants that grow especially well in water are umbrella plant, Chinese evergreen, arrowhead plant, wandering Jew, pothos, philodendron, and grape ivy. The umbrella plant, a true water plant, grows up to three feet tall if it gets proper care.

Other plants that grow well in water include cast-iron plant, peace lily, peperomia, dracaena, and dieffenbachia. Peace lily, dracaena, and all need a deep gravel base for support.