Garden Furniture

Exclusive and exotic collections are adorning gardens these days for the family members to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Barbecues, garden benches, hammocks, parasols, reclining chairs,tables and many more- all meant to make the garden more pleasurable and enticing. Attractive items of furniture which every garden should possess.

Garden furniture, also known as patio furniture, is  type of furniture meant for outdoor use. It is often sold as a patio set consisting of a table, four or six chairs and a parasol. The parasol fits through the center of the table and is secured at the base. Long chairs are also used as chaise lounges.

Material used

It is typically made of weather resistant materials.  It is available in hardwood, softwood, woven materials, aluminium, cast iron, tubular metal and resin. They are also made of stones, metals, vinyl, plastics, glass and treated woods. Plastic garden furniture is  water proof. They can be left out. Wooden garden furntiure suffer from over-exposure to the sun and need  to be treated with varnish.

Teak is commonly used, and since it contains silica it is resistant to fungal decay, many of the effects of water( such as rot, welling and warping) as well as chemicals. It is also resistant to fire,acid and alkalis.

Aluminium garden furntiure is robust and long-lasting, but it can get affected by suntan lotions, perspiration and car exhausts. To ensure its durability, it should be cleaned every couple of weeks with a solution of mild washing up liquid and warm water and then rinsed well.


Popular designs such as the Victorian- styles and the Regenc- styles  are available for you to choose from. Leading designers and skilled craftsmen spend a  lot of time in designing the best garden furniture, which results in an array of traditional to contemporary styles. Classical designs are very attractive and alluring and are made of shorea wood, a semi-hardwood similar to teak. Refined  English-style designs are elegant.

Selection process

  • One should be careful while buying garden furniture.
  • You should know what you want.
  • Should know the exact location of where it is to be placed.
  • Proper measurements should be taken.
  • Test out the furniture. It should not be uncomfortable.
  • Be self- sufficient. Do not depend upon others for garden furniture information.

Garden furniture is worth possessing.  It is an asset to one’s furniture. A garden is a place to relax in one’s home, and garden furniture is essential for such relaxation.