Garden Art

One should make one’s garden very attractive and a place that one would like to spend time relaxing in the midst of beautiful surroundings.Garden art is a fad that is enoyed by all and sundry, including the young. Any obsolete thing lying in the house can be used as a piece of garden art, with some creativity. Why not make the best use of what you, and create a garden art of ingenuity.

What can one use as garden art?

  • bathtub

    Plants can be grown in it. It should be filled with soil and then favorite plants can be planted. Even the sink and the tiolet can also be used as planters. It may sound whimsical, but it will be fun.

  • chandelier-

    A chandelier may become out of fashion. One can use as a garden piece. Hang it from a tree, or over the patio table. It is exciting to watch the sun rays stream through it. Rainbows will be created throughout the garden.

  • bottles-

    Fancy wine bottles can be hung from a tree. They will make lovely sounds when they move due to the wind and rays of sunshine will pour through them. For some it may be ridiculous to hang wine bottles from trees, but as far as you are concerned they are pieces of garden art.

  • Broken dishes

    The mosaic patterns on your old china dish can be used to decorate the garden. One can make a mosaic stepping stone or table to forks and spoons- One can use ordinary forks and spoons and turn them into a wind chime They can also be used for gardening. They can be used for, for example, to plant plants in pots.Old clothes

    These can be used to make a scarecrow.

Types of Garden Art

  1. Split Planter-

    Take an ordinary pot or barrel and tip it on its side, fill it with soil, and then spread the soil as though it has spilled out. Choose some favorite flowers and plant them in the spilled soil.

  2. Bathtup Planter

    Use a bathtub for this. Fill it up with good soil and plant a small garden. A bathtub can also be used as a pond. One can hook a garden hose to it and have a waterspout.

  3. Thrift Stores Gems–

    One can search for an item in the thrift or antique shop. You

    can plant, for example, a pair of cacti in a pair cowboy boots.

  4. Hand made pottery

    One can attend pottery classes and learn to make pottery. Fill these designs with soil and plant flowers or various types of plants of different shapes and colors.

  5. Pot makeovers

    Dress a pot with sequins, buttons, scrabble letters. You can also stick some favorite magazine pictures on it. Fill it with soil and do some planting in it.

Decorate your garden with garden art pieces and be creative. A visitor should turn around a second time and look at your garden.