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Growing Blueberries in Containers

Blueberries are the most wonderful berries that are packed with many vitamins and minerals. So, who would not love to have this plant in their […]

How to Grow Snow Peas?

Snow peas are vegetables that are very sweet. So, would you not love to have this plant in your garden. Now you might want to […]

How to Preserve Rose Petals

Roses are stunning flowers that come in a huge variey of shapes, colors and sizes. They are the symbol of love. To keep their color […]

Conditions and Care for Growing Basil

Basil is an herb which used mainly in Italian cooking. Basil is native to India. There are different varieties of basil with different flavors. Some […]

List of 100 Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs do not shed their leaves nor do they go yellow. As the name suggests, evergreen shrubs are always green. They keep growing new […]

Unique Ideas for Garden Fencing

Are your bored with your traditional white picket garden fence and want to be innovative with your fence? If yes then you have landed on […]

Garden Edging: Define Your Garden Beds

Like your flower bed, shrubs and other garden plants, garden edging is one of the important aspects of gardening. Generally garden edging is a type […]

7 Cost Effective Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden fence contribute a lot to your garden, be it creating boundaries, vision screening, noise screening or protecting garden from critters. Generally people prefers simple […]

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pond Algae

Are you troubled with the ever-growing green algae in your pond garden and thinking how to get rid of pond algae permanently? The best way […]

Famous Gardens of India

India is a country with a history of having great lovers of beauty as its rulers. The Mughal rulers, The Vijayanagara Rulers and many others […]