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How To Grow Hydrangea From Seed?

Hydrangea are the bushy plants which give rise to flowers with gigantic heads. These plants are available in variety of shades which varies from pink, […]

How To Grow Hydrangea In Pot?

Hydrangeas are lovely shrubs which give to spectacular flowers. These lovely flowers can be grown in pots and can be kept on your deck, patio […]

Growing Freesia In Pots

Freesia is a flower which is famous for its lovely fragrance. The flower can be easily in your garden bed or in pots too. Freesia […]

How To Grow Statice From Seed?

The flowers of Statice are small, colorful, straw like flowers which usually grow in bunches. These are most used in bouquets. The usual height of […]

How To Grow Liatris Bulbs?

Liatris is a perennial plant which grows in America. It is tall, purple colored, stalk- like flowers which can attain the height up to 4 […]

Onion Planting Tips

It is very easy to grow your own onions in your backyard. Onions can be grown either by setting them in the ground or from […]

How To Grow Lisianthus From Seed?

Lisianthus can be grown from seeds also as it is very sensitive to the temperature over 75degrees. It is very necessary to maintain the temperature […]

Small Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas

Backyard vegetable garden is the good option for growing variety of vegetables at home. You can plan your vegetable garden depending upon your taste and […]

Euphorbia purpurea

Euphorbia amygdaloides purpurea also called as the purple wood spurge is the most popular of all wood spurge cultivars. The bronze-green leaves with deep purple-red […]

Euphorbia splendens

Euphorbia splendens milii also called as crown of thorns is a popular house plant. It forms an ideal ornamental for your patios and rock gardens. […]