Can Gardening Be Done In An Apartment?

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at gardening, the constricted space of an apartment might be best for you. The first consideration for an apartment garden is its location. If your apartment comes with a small or medium-sized patio or balcony, you could set out your pots there where they will be out of your way and will get enough sunlight. But if you don’t have this luxury, try fixing your plants in the window.

  • Growing beautiful plants: Grow your plants in containers-whether flowers, herbs or vegetables. Choose terracotta pots and paint them the way you like and liven up your window. Add a drainage hole at the bottom and you will immediately bring color to your room.
  • Scheme and color: Once you’ve set up your containers, you’re sure to want to plan a scheme for your garden. Perhaps country or modern; simple or exotic? See that your containers match with each other.
  • Get rid of clutter: Be aware of any clutter that might be developing in your newly-constructed garden. Instead of having a large variety of plants in a small space, concentrate on the bare minimum and arrange larger ones around them. Among the larger ones, you could choose the Japanese maple that can adapt to life in a container.
  • Be creative: Your containers needn’t hold just one kind of plant, but since plants have a symbiotic relationship with other plants, you can combine different kinds of plants in the same window or container and watch them grow beautifully. This will give you an opportunity to practice companion planting, for example, you can easily grow roses with garlic together.
  • Choose the right size: Choose the size of your containers depending on what you want to grow. If you grow small single plants, don’t use very large containers, and if you use small containers for large plants, it will restrict their growth. Besides, small containers take up lesser water and will need frequent watering. You could avert this problem by layering some pebbles, mulch, or shavings over the soil to help retain the moisture.
  • Climate: Though all plants can grow in containers, there are some that absolutely thrive in them. Take for instance, annuals. They don’t need much water in winter and you can change them with more frequency than other plants.

Depending on where you live and your climatic conditions, you could also find cacti and succulents not just thriving but adding a lot of variety and color to your container garden without the bother of looking after or much watering. Herbs are a good choice, since they are practical and can be used in your kitchen.

So don’t ever run away with the feeling that life in an apartment means being away from growing your own plants. There is an option close at hand, all you have to do is to hold it with both hands and make the best of it.