Can Flowers in your Garden Enhance Well-Being?

Flowers and plants have been used for centuries to provide people with food, clothing, shelter, medicine and oxygen, as well as to express emotions. But now, researches say that flowers can enhance human well-being.

Create a flower garden and create a heaven at your door step. A floral garden can create a place of meditation, contemplation and relaxation for you.

What the researches say about flowers in connection with human well-being:

  • As early as 1789, medical personnel noted that impoverished patients who had to work to pay for their care seemed to recover more quickly when they worked in a hospital’s flower garden as opposed to working in cattle sheds or other surroundings.
  • Rooms and offices decorated with flowers can help reduce your stress, as measured by decreased blood pressure and pulse rates.
  • Horticultural therapy has been used over the years to improve mobility, balance, endurance, socialization and memory skills
  • Studies have found that looking at beautiful flowers can produce a decline in systolic blood pressure.
  • Looking at flowers can aid recovery from stress as measured by changes in brain electrical activity, muscle tension, respiration, and shifts in emotional states, all of which may be linked to better immune function that, in turn, can protect people from disease and help them recover if they are sick.
  • Beautiful and colorful flowers directly or indirectly make you to look intensely at something, and when you bend down to smell something; you bypass the [analytical] function of the mind. You naturally stop thinking, obsessing, worrying. Your senses are awakened, which brings you into the present moment, and this has been shown to be very effective at reducing stress.
  • One of the best known studies, by Dr. Roger Ulrich, showed that patients recovering from gall bladder surgery who viewed flowers and plants from their hospital windows had shorter hospital stays, took fewer potent analgesics for pain and received fewer negative nursing comments than their counterparts who viewed a building from their windows.
  • Research made by Diane Relf of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute shows:

1. People communicate better in the presence of flowers or plants, and they  tend  to eat more food more slowly when flowers are on the table.
2. Flowers restore people from mental fatigue and enhance self-esteem.
3. Placing plants and flowers in a room significantly increases humidity, which reduces some of the effects of dry air such as common colds.

It’s easy to create an atmosphere of tranquility around you to have a great mind and body.So, start working for a beautiful garden.