Bird Houses and Small Ponds Add to the Beauty of Your Garden

Having a garden of your own allows you to add functional embellishments like small garden ponds and bird houses to enhance the beauty.

A great addition to your backyard would be birds. An excellent way to attract birds is to install bird houses. But all birds do not choose to nest in a bird house. Birds differ in its habitat preference .Probably only the cavity-dwellers prefer to build nests in the bird shelters you have put out in your backyard. Moreover these cavity-dwellers too have their own conditions regarding the type of house they prefer. The conditions , which are mere feature issues or minor measurements , are considered important by the birds.

  • You should start off by identifying the kind of winged visitors in your backyard. Another necessity is to distinguish the cavity-dwellers from the burrow and tree dwellers. Flickers, bluebirds, chickadees and wrens are the common types of cavity-dwellers. Select the one you like most and design your bird house accordingly. But always remember, birds are territorial animals. So drop the idea of building multiple bird houses even if it appeals to you .
  • The best materials for bird houses are untreated wood and lumber. Natural wood performs the important function of imitating the bird’s natural habitat apart from reducing the risks of overheating and poisoning. You should refrain from using processed and treated wood like plywood for they contain preservatives like formaldehyde, which can pose serious threats to the health of birds. Nesting birds can even get poisoned by the toxic chemicals in pressure-treated lumber. Neither can paint be permitted. Birds often confuse chipping paint with food and eat them up. You should not use plastics or metals for building bird houses for they are susceptible to overheating. After all your objective is to provide an avian shelter and not an outdoor oven.
  • By garden ponds, I mean manmade ponds that are installed in gardens outside your house. Garden ponds impart a distinctive quality as well as tranquility to a run-of-the-mill backyard. There are numerous ways to spruce up a garden. One way of doing it is to add a pond ,with aquatic flora and fauna in place. A host of fishes, frogs and plants will choose a pond as their abode.
  • Plants help to keep the ponds healthy apart from decorating the waterbody. Plants are known to supply oxygen and consume hazardous phosphates and nitrates simultaneously. The water is kept clean and this is necessary for the fish to survive in such ponds. The beauty of a pond is enhanced by the addition of fish . But you must take care to filter the water regularly to get rid of bad bacteria.
  • You can install garden ponds above or underneath the ground by using pre-formed pond liners. It takes only a few minutes to set up small fiberglass garden ponds that can hold some fish and small plants. Garden ponds are built in such a way that the sunlight falls on them directly.