Pineapple Plant Care Tips

Growing pineapples are an easy task as they require very less maintenance. For good growth and harvest, you need to take care of some factors like light, soil, irrigation, temperature, and nutrients. When compared to other plants, they require minimal maintenance. Hence, growing them is easy. All you must do is to cut the upper leafy part of a pineapple fruit with 1-2 inches of the juicy fruit. You need to place them under soil. To fasten rooting, you can keep the portion that was cut in water without dipping the leaves. As the roots develop, place the plant in your garden containers or soil, according to your convenience. Use containers to plant pineapple plants if the place where you are living is too cold. Here are some tips on

pineapple plant care.

Pineapple Plant Care – Tips to care!

Here are some of the tips to get proper growth and good harvest of pineapples:Tips for Pineapple Plant Care

    • Soil

      Pineapple plants can grow in any kind of soil. This is one speciality about this fruit, but you need to provide it with proper drainage system and must give rich organic nutrients. For good and early harvest, you need to plant it in loamy and sandy soil with proper drainage facilities. Always remember to see that the pH of the soil must be between 4.5 to 6.5. In some cases, where the soil has a higher pH, then you can mix the required amounts of sulfur to achieve the recommended acidity. You need to supplement the soil with organic fertilizers or farmyard compost.

    • Container

      If you are planning to grow pineapples in a container, then you can select a smaller one with around eight inches diameter. This is because pineapples have a very shallow root system. The foliage can cause leaning of the pineapple plants if they are planted in lighter containers. So, heavy ceramic pots are the best option for planting pineapples.

    • Light

      Pineapples grow best in optimal light and in order to ensure that these plants receive maximum sunlight, you need to plant them in sunny areas in your garden. You can at least plant them in the southern direction from your house. They need hours of sunlight for better growth.

    • Temperature

      Pineapples grow properly in subtropical and tropical climatic conditions. The favourable temperature ranges from 60 – 75 degrees of Fahrenheit. The tropical type of climates need plants that can be left outdoors throughout the year, or else you need to protect them from frost.

    • Watering

      Once these plants are planted, you need to irrigate them regularly at least once a week. Make sure that you do not water them excessively as this can result in rotting of the roots. Along with these, you must mist the leaves occasionally. Doing this would ensure that your plants have enough humidity.

    • Fertilizers

      You need to supplement the soil in summer and spring season with farmyard compost. You can do this when the pineapple plants are at their best. Add fertilizers twice a month, but do not fertilize during the winter and fall.

Tips for Pineapple Plant Care

  • Pest and Diseases

    Another common problem these pineapple plants face are the mealybugs. These bugs spread throughout the plant and the reason for this spreading are ants. Hence, you need to control ants to get rid of these bugs. Other pests that can damage and destroy the whole pineapple plants are beetles, nematodes, and mites.

Growing pineapples will require a lot of patience as it bears fruit after two or three years. During the first year, the plant produces healthy green leaves or foliages. The leaves are serrated and grow to 20 to 70 inches in length. During the second year of plantation, the plants produce flowering stalks that bear fruits in the later years. The process of growing and bearing fruits can vary depending on the variety and growing conditions as well. Therefore, this is all about

pineapple plant care.

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