Tips for Pruning Avocado Trees

Avocado trees grow at a slow pace, but the best thing is that they need very little care to become strong and full. One thing is that young avocado trees need little more care than adult trees. All you need to do is with a little pruning; you can stimulate the speed of growth. However, before you cut avocado trees aimlessly, you must understand the needs for

pruning avocado trees.

Most trees do not need too much of pruning, but it is indeed beneficial for increasing the production of fruits. This article deals with some of the tips for

pruning avocado trees.

So read on…

Tips to Prune Avocado Trees

Here are some of the important tips for pruning these fruit trees:Pruning Avocado Trees

  • Balance:

    This is one important thing to consider before pruning. You may have to trim the top part of the tree if you have bought the tree from a nursery. The trees bought from a nursery have had their roots cut. If you do not cut the top part of the tree, then it may grow lean, as the roots are already weak. Therefore, due to weaker root system, the tree may grow weak or collapse.

  • Trimming:

    Trimming plays a vital role in pruning these fruit trees. You can lightly trim your avocados to keep them evergreen and healthy throughout the year. If you want to do heavy trimming, then you must do it in early spring and late winter. These are the best seasons when you can prune your trees.

  • Sun Exposure:

    Another important thing is to prune the tree to get enough of sunlight. This is done so that the sun-rays reach the lower branches. So, make sure that you do not make too many open spaces. This is done because sunlight may damage the heavy branches. So, make sure that you paint the exposed branches with a very light paint. This would help in reflection of heat and sunlight to prevent damage.

  • Freeze:

    If you are in colder regions and are scared if freeze damage occurs to your avocado trees; then wait until spring season to prune your trees.

  • Twigs:

    Most people make the mistake of pruning the terminal twigs when they prune these trees. This is a mistake because most of the fruits grow at the end of the twigs. So, if you cut these twigs, then you are destroying the fruits that are yet to be formed. So, the next time you remove your twigs, follow the above procedure.

These are some of the simple yet effective tips for

pruning avocado trees.

Now that you have known some of the pruning tips, why don’t you try it yourself? These tips would surely make your tree bloom and produce fruits that are more delicious! All the best!

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