Tips for Pruning Lilac Bushes

Who does not enjoy the beauty and intense fragrance of lilacs? I bet there wouldn’t be a single person who would say no! These old-fashioned lilacs are wonderful plants for any landscapes. However, one thing that you must remember is to prune lilacs periodically. There are some

tips for pruning lilac bushes,

which is a vital procedure to keep the plants healthy. Pruning is a done to avoid these bushes from growing too tall and unmanageable. With their vibrant blossoms, they make your garden look beautiful. Another best thing is that these bushes do not need extra care and maintenance. This article deals with some of the

tips for pruning lilac bushes.

So, read on…

Prune Lilac Bushes – The Important Tips!

Here are some of the tips that you need to follow before you prune your lilac bushes:Tips for Pruning Lilac Bushes

  • When pruning, always see that you cut the entire stem. You can trim those using clippers.
  • Remove the blooms from the stems to prevent seeding as you can encourage blooms later.
  • Cut about 1/3rd of the branches and remove the shoots that grow near the ground to avoid growth from the main trunk.
  • To allow more light or improve air circulation, you can start trimming the inner branches of lilacs.
  • If lilac bushes are too large then pruning the entire tree or bush to about 6” may be required.
  • One thing to remember is that you have to wait for about three years for the lilac bushes to bloom.

Indications for Pruning

Here are some indications or signs for pruning:

  • Diseased or dead stems
  • Twiggy growth or pencil thin suckers
  • If the branches cross or rub against each other
  • Stems thicker than 2” in diameter

Regular pruning keeps your lilac stems from becoming cumbersome and too tall. Now that you have known the importance of pruning, I hope that you would follow these

tips for pruning your lilac bushes.

So, enjoy pruning your bushes and have a lovely garden!

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