Bird of Paradise – Tips to Grow Strelitzia Reginae!

“Bird of Paradise”

sounds strange and you might be wondering what it is? By now you might have guessed it! Yes it is a flower name that is applied to different plants. You might have heard it as a florist’s flower and the most common type is the strelitzia reginae. This is a tropical growing plant found in South Africa. It grows mainly in the humid and warm climates. These are grown as perennials in zones 9-11. It is considered as a cousin to the banana. It is indeed surprising to know that birds are easier to grow when compared to the other tropical plants. They flower in early spring and late winter, but under very optimal conditions. So readers, scroll down to learn how to grow

bird of paradise,

especially strelitzia reginae.

Tips to Grow Strelitzia Reginae

Here are some of the important tips for growing this plant:Bird of Paradise


Bright light that includes direct sunlight, which help these plants to bloom well. However, there is a clause here, as only the habituated varieties can withstand direct and midday sunlight, especially during the summer.


Water is very much important for the growth of strelitzia. You must keep the soil moist throughout the year. The humidity levels must be very high.


The temperature that is usually needed for the survival of the plant in winter is above 60ºF. One more thing that you must remember is that this plant is not cold tolerant.


The soil must be rich, allow proper draining, and a potting mix.


You must feed the plant with liquid fertilizers every week during the growing season. Use slow releasing pellets during the spring season.


These rapidly growing plants need to reach a specific size before they bloom. So, you need to re-pot it every spring in a larger pot or larger area. Make sure that you provide enough space to avoid stunted growth.


There are four types of strelitzia species. However the only plant that can be grown indoors is Strelitzia reginae. This grows with upright leaves that emerge from the soil directly. The leaves grow up to 12-18 inches long. If they are exposed to windy conditions, then they start shredding.

This is a beautiful plant that can be successfully grown indoors. However, the drawback is that they grow up to 5 feet. Another fact is that these plants need 3 to 5 years for flowering. But the beauty that they display after flowering is indeed a wonderful display.

Bird of paradise

plants add an exotic touch to your garden. So, start growing this beautiful plant and get that exotic touch!

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