Butterfly bush pruning Tips

Butterfly bush pruning

is done not only to maintain the exact shape of the bush, but also to avoid this rapid growing bush from destroying other plants that grow in its vicinage. These bushes are hard plants that can tolerate frost and cold conditions. One good thing is that they can even recover after a heavy pruning. It is done so that they can grow large blossoms. These bushes are vibrant, beautiful, and exotic in nature. During the spring season you find many butterflies of different colors coming near to these bushes and this is one reason why it is called butterfly bush. It even attracts beneficial insects and humming birds due to its sweet nectar filled flowers. Read onto know more about

butterfly bush pruning.

Pruning Butterfly Bushes – How is it Done?

Here are some of the instructions for pruning these bushes:Butterfly Bush Pruning

  • One best thing about these bushes are that you can prune them any time of the year. However, it is recommended that you prune these bushes during the winter months.
  • Another important thing is to prune them during the dormant stage. This is done because if you trim the bushes during the growing season, then you might cut the beautiful blossoms accidentally.
  • There is choice on pruning as you can do it in the spring season as well. However, if you are trimming the bushes in the spring, then make sure that you maintain the height of the bushes up to 3 feet. Spring pruning promotes the growth of new blossoms as you get to see the new growth within the a few weeks of trimming.
  • If you want to prune them in the dormant period, then you can prune them to the ground level. However, make sure that you keep it to a feet high above the ground.
  • You start your pruning mission by first removing the diseased or dead branches. For this you need to get your tools ready and all you have to do is to buy a sharp pruning tool i.e. a pair of sharp shears that would be enough.
  • Once you cut the branch, you can apply a little amount of mouthwash as it protects the branch from getting infected further. As told before, maintain the height for up to 2-3 feet.
  • Along with pruning, water the plants, mulch the soil, and use a good quality of organic fertilizer for the proper growth of the bushes.

These are some of the tips on

butterfly bush pruning.

I hope that these tips would come in handy by helping you to grow these beautiful bushes, which in turn would add beauty to your wonderful garden. All the best!

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