How to Grow Snow Peas?

Snow peas are vegetables that are very sweet. So, would you not love to have this plant in your garden. Now you might want to know;

“how to grow snow peas?”

Growing snow peas needs no hard work when compared to other types of peas. They are sweet and most gardeners eat them fresh right in the garden. It is also called sweet peas and once in a while, this plant gets caught in snow storm. However, you need not worry because as the snow melts, the plant starts to grow. Read onto know more on

how to grow snow peas?

Tips for Growing Snow Peas

Here are some of the tips to grow sweet peas:How to Grow Snow Peas?

  • Growing Sweet Peas

    Before planting sweet peas, you must make sure that the temperature is not lower than 45°F. Wait until all the chances of frost for the area is gone. Thought they can survive frost, it is better you take care! Make sure that the soil is dry enough for the seeds to be sowed. The best time is to plant them during the spring. Sow the seeds to 11/2 inches deep in the soil. When you sow the seeds,you need to sow them with a gap of one inch. You can even mulch the site where these snow peas are growing to protect the soil from becoming too hot during the summer. This prevents them to get too much of moisture. The snow peas that are growing does not like direct sunshine.

  • Care of Snow Pea Plants

    When you cultivate your peas, you need to hoe them shallowly so that the root structures are not disturbed. Fertilize the soil immediately after planting the seeds. Once you get the first crop, you can fertilize them again. As the plant grows, it may need support of a trellis or fence. Some varieties are self supporting

  • Time for Harvesting

    Once you have planted them and put fertilizers, then you need to care for the plant until it grows. All you need to do is wait and watch for the harvest to arrive. You can start harvesting them every one to three days for getting fresh snow peas.

So, this was all about on

how to grow snow peas

in your garden. They do not require any extra care and to care for them is really simple. So, I hope that you would start growing this snow or sweet peas as they can be used in stir fries and salads or they can even be mixed with vegetables as well.

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