How to Control Aphids on Lettuce?

Aphids feed mainly feed the bottom part of lettuce leaves. These insects come in many colors and have a soft body. Leaves that are infested with these creepy creatures, have peach or green colored bodies. It is so frustrating to see these tiny insects coming into your garden and destroying your plants. You feel that all the hard work that you have put to built a garden has gone in vain. But now you need not worry as there are natural methods to control these creepy insects.

If the infestation is minor, then it would not ruin the lettuce crop. However, major infestation can weaken the plants as aphids suck the sap from the lettuce plants. They even spread from plant to plant, but getting rid of these aphids is an easy task. Controlling these pests ensure a better producing and healthy lettuce plant. In this article you would the tips on

how to control aphids

on lettuce? So, read on…

How to Control Aphids on Lettuce Leaves?

How to Control Aphids on Lettuce?

  • Frequent Inspection:

    The sooner the better and so, all you need to do is to frequently inspect your plant for infections and infestations. As you walk through your garden, pay close attention to the underside of the leaves. One colonizer can produce up to 80 offspring’s within a weak and they have the capacity to multiply throughout. So, keep a check on your plants regularly.

  • Do not Over Fertilize:

    Use slow release fertilizers as aphids prefer the new growth that is found in abundance, especially in overly fertilized plants.

  • Spray Water with Force:

    Spray water with force using a hose.This is another excellent way to dislodge aphids from the lettuce plants. Aphids that get dislodged will be unable to return to the plant.

  • Prune away the Colonies:

    If you observe a section of the plant that contains aphids, then snip it off and discard it. This may not cure the problem completely, but will surely cure the problem.

  • Remove Weeds:

    Weed the lettuce bed before planting and continue to remove the weeds after planting. This is done because aphids travel and invade weedy areas near the vegetable bed.

  • Insecticidal Soap:

    Apply an insecticidal soap to the lettuce leaves that are infested. This soapy solution directly coats the insects soft body by killing it. You can reapply the insecticidal soap if needed.

These are some of the simple tips on – “

how to control aphids

on lettuce leaves?” I hope that you would follow these methods to destroy the pests rather than using harsh chemicals, which can destroy the entire lettuce crop. So, all the best for your mission to protect your plants from these dangerous aphids.

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