How to Kill Mealy Bugs Naturally?

Mealy Bugs can be the worst nightmare for any gardener. These tiny bugs are not only extremely unpleasant to look at, but they are also harmful for the plants. These bugs also called woolly aphids, are small white insects that are found in places that are warm and moist. They adhere themselves to the plants in specific areas that are hidden and they start feeding the plants. There are many ways to

kill mealy bugs

naturally. One annoying thing about these bugs is that they secrete a cotton layer of wax, which looks like as if they are covered with flour. This waxy coating protects these dangerous bugs and makes it even more difficult to kill them. Therefore, it is important that you use effective methods to destroy them at the earliest. You can use some of the pesticides available in the market, but one side effect is that it may harm the plants. In this article, you would know more about ways to

kill mealy bugs

naturally. So, read on….

How to Get Rid of Mealy Bugs Naturally?

Here are some of the simple yet effective remedies for destroying these woolly aphids:How to Kill Mealy Bugs Naturally?

  • Wipe with a Damp Cloth:

    This is an excellent method for getting rid of mealy bugs. Take a clean cloth and make it wet. Squeeze out the excess water because the cloth must be damp. It must not be dripping with water. This wet cloth can be used to wipe all the leaves from top to bottom. This will remove the bugs and their eggs from the plants. This method is used only if a couple of plants are infested with bugs.

  • Spray Water with Force:

    This is the easiest and the cheapest method. This method is used if the infestation is in its early stages. This is done by spraying water at full force on the plants. If some of your indoor plants are infested, then take them out and then spray water with force. You can repeat this procedure three times a week. This method helps you to get rid of the small insect eggs found in different parts of the plant.

  • Spray Soap Water:

    If the damp cloth method is not effective enough, then you can use soapy water. This is prepared by mixing one tablespoon of soap with 2 cups of warm water. Pour them in a spray bottle and spray them on the plants. The soapy solution penetrates through the waxy layer and kills these bugs. You can even use a mild soap without any additive or fragrance because such soaps can be harmful to the plants. Soap can give a patchy look to the leaves. So, spray some water after the soapy solution dries.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol:

    Isopropyl alcohol is another effective treatment for mealy bugs. All you need to do is to take some cotton swabs and dip them in alcohol. Now take these cotton balls and wipe the part of the plant that is infested. Bugs die as soon as they come in contact with the chemical. This method is very effective, but can be time consuming. If there are large colonies of bugs on the plant, then pour the alcohol directly on the bugs. Never use alcohol in excess amounts as it can be harmful to the plant.

  • Soap, Alcohol, and Water:

    To make the treatment more effective, mix liquid soap, alcohol and water together. Mix water and alcohol in equal proportions. You can make about half litre of the above mixture. Take one tablespoon of liquid soap and mix it in this mixture. Spray it on the infested plants. The deadly combination of soap and alcohol is very effective as it works well by destroying the pest completely. You can keep spraying this mixture at regular intervals for killing them completely.

  • Apply a Little Oil:

    Oil is another thing that is useful to get rid of mealy bugs. This thick oil causes the pests to suffocate and die. To make it more effective, you can combine one gallon of water with oil solution along with two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Apply this mixture on the plants once a week. Continue this till the infestation is under control. Apply the mixture thoroughly on the plant as the bugs may hide below the leaves and undersides of the plant.

  • Use Natural Predators:

    You can also control these bugs by using predators like the ladybugs, lace wing, spider, etc. These insects can be purchased from stores that specialize in pest control products. They can be ordered on-line as well. Release few insects at a time. Be careful of the ants as they feed on the honeydew that these bugs produce. These ants protect the bugs for continuous food supply.

Other Ways to Kill Mealy Bugs

Here are some of the other tips to kill these bugs:

  • Use a mixture of vinegar, hot sauce, and garlic. These can be applied on the plant to control infestation.
  • You can also use jalapeño juice or cayenne pepper mixture with hot water, and Tabasco sauce. Spray them on plant and watch mealy bugs die.
  • Another safer alternative for liquid washing soap, is peppermint soap because these woolly aphids hate the strong smell of peppermint. You can also use murphy’s oil with water.

These are some of the ways to

kill mealy bugs

naturally. When using soap and alcohol, you need to test them on a small part of the plant before spraying on the plant. So, now that you have come to know the tips to kill these woolly aphids, get ready with your natural weapons to fight these disgusting bugs. All the best!

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