How to Spray Apple Trees?

Apples come in many varieties and an apple tree grows with 25 foot spread and 25 feet tall. They grow properly in zones from 3 to 8. They require well drained soil to thrive and full sun light. Apples are also prone to many diseases as they tend to get infested easily. Some of he infestations are apple scab, powdery mildew, aphids, apple maggot, black rot, and mites. All you can do is to spray apple trees to keep these infestations at bay. Read onto discover –

“How to Spray Apple Trees?”

How to Spray Apple Trees?

Things Required

  • Sprayer
  • Insecticide
  • Fungicide
  • Pesticide

Instructions to Spray an Apple Tree

How to Spray Apple Trees?

  • Firstly, you need to pour the entire insecticide, fungicide, or pesticide into the sprayer and then you must spray the mixture over the apple tree thoroughly.
  • Spray your tree for mites during the spring. Spray the trees every three years even when the tips are green. Spray for plant bugs and bud moth when the buds are in close clusters. When the flowers bloom every year, you must spray for sawfly and caterpillar. You also need to spray for scab infestations at least once, especially when the buds start blooming during the mid summer.
  • Spray for mites, curculio, and leaf rollers when the petals fall, especially during the early summer once a year. You also must use pesticides for coddling moth at least within the second or third week when the leaf cover starts to fill out. Spray the tree to prevent apple maggot at least once from when the leaves fill out.
  • When you are trying to control pests or disease, one thing that you must know is to spray your apple trees at the right time. If you spray at the wrong time then it is not effective and all your hard work goes in vain. It completely destroys the tree.
  • To prevent an apple tree from getting rust, you need to reapply the fungicides. However, keep away from insecticides as they prevent the bees from pollinating the blooms.

These are some of the important tips on –

“how to spray apple trees?”

and I hope that you would follow these instructions to keep these infestations at bay and have tasty apples.

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