Tips for Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed garden

is a form of gardening, where the soil is evenly distributed in three to four foot wide beds with any length and shape. The soil is raised above to approximately 6 inches in height and is enclosed by a frame made of rock, wood, and concrete blocks, which is then enriched with compost. This type of gardening is a great alternative for those who have difficulty in tending their regular gardens. Read onto know some of the tips for making a

raised bed garden.


Tips for Raised Bed Gardening

Here are some of the tips to raise an elevated bed garden:

    • Decide what to plant:

      Determine how much space and sunlight your plants need. For example, a vegetable garden would need much space than a herb garden. So, decide what you want to plant.

    • Select a Site:

      You need to decide on whether you need a partly shady or sunny area for these elevated bed garden. Make sure that the soil level is equal so that your structure will be based on a stable foundation or base.

    • Size of the Garden:

      The size of the garden is another important aspect because if you create rows of beds, then it must be around 4 feet across. This is done so that it reaches all parts of the garden. If the bed is against a wall or fence, then the bed it must not be more than 3 feet wide. The ideal depth for the soil in your garden beds are ten to twelve inches deep.

    • Area:

      You need to cut all the weeds and clear your garden. Level the soil and then put a layer of newspaper or landscape fabric. Then put a layer of new soil on the top.

Tips for Raised Bed Garden

  • Construct the Bed:

    Use composite material or weather resistant lumber for constructing an elevated garden bed. You can use 2/6 lumber, which will give you a perfect six inch depth. You can attach the pieces by making a simple frame using corner braces or screws.

  • Fill the Frame:

    Add soil, manure, compost, or any other soil conditioners or fertilizers. Pack the soil loosely and just fill the top of the last timber on the frame.

  • Plant:

    Rake the topsoil and plant seedlings or plants by giving some space if needed.


raised bed garden

is fertile and a great place for growing plants. It saves your energy by not bending over and squatting when required. You can just stand straight and take care of the plants.

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