How To Feed Evergreen Trees

The plants of Evergreen trees have broad and needle-like leaves which require fertilization in spring month annually. In order

To Feed Evergreen Trees

a particular procedure is to be followed. This will be beneficial in the proper growth of the trees. In the article below we will discuss some of the steps to

Feed Evergreen Trees


Steps To Feed Evergreen Trees:

Some of the steps to feed evergreen trees are:

  • The first and foremost step is to collect a sample of the soil where the evergreen plants are growing and take it for analysis to a lab. This will ensure the amount of nutrients present in the soil. In case, the soil test is not possible then follow the thumb rule of adding 1/3 lb. of nitrogen per foot of the height of the tree.
  • Now find out the exact rate of the fertilizer to be applied to the soil. Usually, a bag or container of fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in them and the amount in which they are combined together is mentioned at the top of the bag. You must add fertilizer to the ground depending on its requirement.
  • Now spread the fertilizer with the help of your hand or spreader. You can also use liquid fertilizer while you are watering the plant or spread them with the help of a sprayer.
  • Use of liquid fertilizer is more beneficial as it activates the fast-release formula QUICKLY. If you water the plants directly along with liquid fertilizer then the fertilizer will immediately start the process of breaking down of the nutrients.

Thus, the above mentioned were the steps

To Feed Evergreen Trees


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