How To Prune Dwarf Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce or Colorado Blue Spruce is very tall as it can reach up to 85 feet and very broad as its width can reach up to 30 feet.

Pruning Dwarf Blue Spruce

of full size requires a lot of hard work. It is for the same reason that the dwarf size blue spruces are basically kept in the houses. This dwarf plant has needle like branches which are blue-gray in color and can attain the height of 10 feet and width of 5 feet.

Although the plant has limited growth but it is important to prune this plant in order to keep the size of the tree according to your desire. In the article below we will discuss some of the steps

To Prune Dwarf Blue Spruce


Steps To Prune Dwarf Blue Spruce:

Some of the steps to prune dwarf blue spruce are:

  • The pruning of the dwarf blue spruce must be carried out only when it is very compulsory. While pruning these trees always remember, not to cut the length by more than ¼ at any one time. The most important thing is that pruning must be carried out in the winter months when the trees experience less growth.
  • The dead wood of the tree must be removed only when it becomes a danger for the growing tree. This is because unlike other plants the wood of blue spruce break down automatically once it is dead. This is good in the case when such an activity is harmful for the animals, people and moving vehicles of that area. This means that the falling wood should not harm anyone previously mentioned. In case the position of the plant is such that falling wood would harm somebody then it is advisable to cut it off before it falls down. The dead branches should be cut off right at the trunk on the outer side of the thick ring or collar or at the base of the branch.
  • The size of the tree must be maintained by pruning a little in every season. This can be done by cutting down the branches of the tree back by ¼ of the length to reduce the size of overall crown size of the tree. This method should be repeated in each dormant season, in order to avoid the need of drastic pruning later.

Thus, the above mentioned were the simple methods

To Prune Dwarf Blue Spruce


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