How To Improve Your Lawn

Improving the quality of your lawn is not an easy task. It requires considerable effort and time to maintain it. In the article below, we will be discussing few simple tips which can be followed in improving the quality of your lawn.

Steps To Improve The Quality Of Your Lawn:

Some of the simple steps which can be followed to improve the quality of your lawn are:

  • Aerate Your Land: In order to maintain a beautiful lawn it is necessary that you aerate your land properly. Actually, the movement of pets and kids on the lawn, compacts the soil beneath the grass. This compacting hinders in the proper flow of air and water in the grass. Aeration of the land will rejuvenate your soil. The process of aeration requires the digging of holes which are 3-4 inches deep. This can be done either with the help of machine or with hand. This process can be done once in a year.
  • Water Your Land Deeply And Occasionally: In order to get a greener grass it is advisable to water your grass once in a week in winters and twice in a week in summers. But make sure that you water your plants very deeply. Occasional watering of plants will give the roots of grass more time to grow deeper. This will keep them green for a longer time.
  • Use Natural Fertilizer: To make your plants healthy and durable it is advisable to go for some natural fertilizer. Use of organic fertilizer instead of synthetic will not only keep your land protected but will also keep your family healthy as well.
  • If you want your garden to look unique and simple then it is advisable to cut the grass of the lawn correctly and at proper height. Different grasses have different requirement so it is advisable to trim your grass according the instruction given on its pamphlet.
  • Addition of compost at regular interval of time is very necessary to keep your garden green. The addition of compost is also necessary because compost improves the drainage of water and sand, it helps in releasing the nutrients which will release nutrients in the plant which in turn promote the growth of root. Compost also maintains the pH balance of the soil and prevents the top soil from erosion as well.

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