11 Tips on How to Grow English Ivy

One of the common plants which you can see in the garden are the Ivy. It can be grown easily by following some

Tips on How to Grow English Ivy

. People like to have these plants in their garden because of their beauty. They look amazing as trailing plants or climbing plants. It forms a wonderful green cover which remains green throughout the year. Taking care of the growing conditions, proper propagation and other simple things will help you in

growing English Ivy

in your garden.

11 Tips on How to Grow English Ivy


    • They require bright light during summer. The sunlight should not be direct.
    • Moist and humid conditions are ideal for growing English Ivy. However, do not soak the plant in the water.
    • The soil should not dry out and moisture should be even.
    • These plants like cooler nights of less than 60 degree F. In summers, you need to mist them frequently.
    • Loose and well-drained soil is required to

      grow English Ivy

      in your garden.

    • They need to be fed controlled-release fertilizer during growing season. Weak liquid fertilizer can be used twice in a week.


  • Ivies propagate well from the stem cutting. They benefit from trimming. These trimmings can be used for propagation.
  • English Ivy needs to be repotted every year in fresh potting mix. You can refresh the old plants and plant them in the same containers.
  • Pinch off the tips for a compact and bushy ivy.
  • The ivy clings to the buildings or any other surface with their “suckers” therefore, they do not require trellis.
  • In case you are giving support, they should be trained to trail up the support.


tips on how to grow English Ivy

will come handy in having these beautiful creepers up the garden. They will great in your patio or climbing up the wall.

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