Top 13 Tips for Juniper Bonsai Tree Care

One of the best bonsai trees to grow in the Juniper. Once planted, you only need to follow some

Tips for Juniper Bonsai Tree Care

to successfully maintain it. It is a great choice for the beginners as it is easy to maintain and require minimum care. One needs to pay attention to the watering, fertilizing, soil conditions etc. The tips given in this article will come handy if you want to develop your own bonsai tree.

Top 13 Tips for Juniper Bonsai Tree Care


    • The Juniper bonsai should be grown in a tray designed especially for this purpose.
    • The tray should have holes for proper drainage. Cover the holes with a plastic mesh to avoid leaking out of the soil.
    • The bonsai needs lots of direct sunlight. Place it near a window so that the plant gets at least four hours of sunlight everyday.
    • Place one more tray under the potting tray of Juniper and water it when the soil gets dry. Under and over watering can destroy the tree.
    • Do not wet the leaves too much to avoid damaging them.
    • They need more water during hot months and need to be watered several times in a day.


  • Bottled or rain water will be good for the Juniper bonsai tree. Do not use hard water or one which has lot of chlorine.
  • You need to fertilize the bonsai in summer and spring. At the same time, do not over feed the bonsai.
  • Organic fertilizers are the best option for Junipers. They should have potassium, nitrates and phosphorous.
  • Another important

    Juniper bonsai care tip

    is pruning. Regular pruning is required to maintain the dwarf state.

  • A pair of scissors can be used to prune the bonsai. Leave a few shoots and remove the rest of them.
  • Junipers need to be repotted every two years, preferably during early spring.
  • Regularly look for diseases or pests to take timely action.


tips for Juniper bonsai tree care

will help you develop an amazing work of art.

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