How to Build Rock Garden

Rock garden can give you plenty of opportunities to explore your imagination. It can be simple with large rocks surrounding flowers or a little decorative with layes of stone dunes. All you need to do is to follow some steps on

How to Build Rock Garden.

Then you can enjoy the beautiful view of your creative garden. These steps are quite easy and can be followed by anyone.

How to Build Rock Garden


Choose the garden rocks:

The first step in building a rock garden is to choose the garden rocks. Go for the rocks which are native to the region where you live. Make sure you select the same shade of rocks even if the variety differs. Do not use porous or sfot stones for your garden as they will suck the water out of soil. Stones like granite, sandstone, gravel and limestone are popular for this purpose. Combining large rocks with small ones will create a dramatic look.

Choose the right plants:

Once you have selectd the rocks, it is time to choose the plants for the rock garden. Coordinate the color of the rocks with that of the plant. For example, if you decide to use red sandstone then go for a plant with red tint. One can even go for contrasting colors. A variety in size of the plants will also have a desired effect. Do not choose only large plants or only small ones. Match small plants with tall grasses. The plants in the rock garden should be able to get adjusted to the well-drained soil. The water tends to seep through the soil between these rocks in sunny weather. Bring about some variety in the color, leaf texture and plant sizes.

Prepare the patch:

Select the best patch in your garden to build rock garden. The sloppy patch in the garden is the ideal spot for it. However, you can also build it in the center of the garden or at a corner. Remove the weeds and grasses around the selected patch Cover the patch with loose sand and dirt.

Layer the rocks:

There is no fixed rule to layering the rocks in the garden. You can have a sibngle layer, two layers or more. A two layer rock garden is easy to build and maintain. Large rocks should be used to set up the first layer. Place the best rocks on the top layer. Depending on the available space, you can decide the shape as circle, square or abstract. Bury the first layer of rocks half-way in the soil to give a natural look. This will also provide a good foundation to the other layers.


Add soil:

Once the layering of rocks is over, add soil to it. If you are using clay soil add some sand to it to improve the drainage. Mix compost and fertilizers before shoveling in the soil. The best fertilizer for rock garden is the slow release one.

Planting the plant:

Now plant the plants in the soil. Using your imagination, create a beautiful lanscape with the plants. Coordinate the color and the size of the plants. Once you have planted the plants place the second rock layer. Use a small, medium and broken rocks and pebbles on the top. This will act as mulch to the plants. The color of the stones should complement the foundation rocks.

Following these simple steps on

how to build rock garden

will help you with the task. It is not only easy to make a rock garden but also great fun. You can let your creative juices flow to decorate your garden with colored stones.

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