Greenhouse Gardening Tips for Beginners

Greenhouse gardening is something which every gardener would like to try out. The idea of growing the plants all year through is quite tempting. If you too want to indulge in it then follow some

Greenhouse Gardening Tips for Beginners

. You can enjoy the bloom even when it is not the growing season. The basic purpose of a greenhouse is to provide light and warmth to the plants. This can increase the life of the plant and also extend its growing season. For this you need to keep in mind some important

greenhouse gardening tips for beginners.

Tips for Greenhouse Gardener


Steady temperature:

According to the variety of plant you intend to grow, you need to have a steady temperature. It can vary from one spot in the greenhouse to the other. The shady places will be cooler than the ones exposed to the sun. Place the plants as per their requirement so that they grow properly. A thermometer should be kept in the greenhouse to monitor the temperature. Ideal temperature for most of the plants is around 80 degree F.

Heater during winter:

During winter one can use heaters to maintain the temperature. You can also use water to trap sunlight and save energy. Fill dark-painted drum with water. Place it at a location which receives maximum sunlight. When the temperature dips at night the heat stored by water will be reflected back in the greenhouse.

Proper ventilation:

One of the most important tips for greenhouse gardeners is proper ventilation. An ideal greenhouse has fans to maintain humidity and temperature. In case, your greenhouse does not have fans then go for roof panels which can be opened. This will allow extra heat to escape.

Right humidity:

For most of the plants the humidity is sufficient in a greenhouse. However, cacti and succulents require dry environment. The humidity should depend upon the requirements of the plants you want to grow. Humidity can be maintained by keeping large water containers inside the greenhouse. The water will evaporate and keep the humidity steady.


Fertilizers and chemicals:

Keep all the fertilizers and other chemicals in a different location, outside the greenhouse. Moisture might make the chemicals evaporate and you might breathe these chemicals.


Another important factor in greenhouse gardening is the light. Different plants require different amount of light.

Placement of the plants:

With experiments you will come to know which place in the greenhouse is the best for your plants. Large plants can provide cool temperature and shade to the smaller plants which require less sunlight. Placing the large plants in the sun will fulfill their need for sunlight.

Take care of the above mentioned

greenhouse gardening tips for beginners

for an enriching and joyous experience.

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