Top 8 Orchid Cactus Care Tips

Other name for orchid cactus is leaf cactus which is not an orchid but a species of cactus known as epiphyllum. They come in about 13,000 varieties and each of them is unique and beautiful. With some basic

Orchid Cactus Care Tips

, you can be the proud owner of this amazing plant. They are quite delicate plants, therefore, require a little extra attention. But once in full bloom they can make your home or garden lighten up instantly.

Orchid Cactus Care Tips

  • The blooming period for the orchid cactus lies between the spring and the summer. Keep the plant inside or outside as per weather.
  • Sunlight plays a vital role in speeding up and encouraging the bloom of this plant. However, do not over-expose the plant to the sunlight either.
  • The best place to put the orchid cacti is near the window with blinds or curtains. They will filter the sunlight coming through the window.
  • They require proper ventilation. Make sure they get enough air.
  • One must take care of the watering part too if one wants a good bloom. Do not over water the plant as it might rot the roots and the plant might die. The water should be able to be drained out easily.
  • Water the plants only when you see that the top-most layer of the soil has dried up.
  • Fertilizing is another important care for the orchid cactus. The soil should not be tightly packed. A mixture of organic, inorganic and sand material will be ideal for this plant.
  • Fertilize the plant once in a month to help healthy growth.

Planting tips for Orchid Cactus

  • Place the plant in a container which is about 4 inch.
  • The plant should be sowed about one and a half inches in the soil.
  • Before planting the soil need to be prepared. The soil should contain 1/3 rd little tree bark, 1/3 rd perlite and 1/3 rd potting mix.
  • Do not water the plant in the first week of planting it.

But most of all have patience as you will see the first bloom only after about a couple of years of following

orchid cactus care tips.

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