How to Build Trellis for Vines

A simple way of maintaining creepers and vines is trellis. These

Trellis For Vines

are easy to build and are cost effective. You can grow decorative vines as well as seasonal vegetables with the support of these structures. They can be fit into any kind of landscape and give a whole new look to your garden. The following articles tells you

how to build trellis for vines.

Instructions for the construction of vertical vine trellis


  1. The first slat needs to be placed on the work surface.
  2. Mark 1 inch segments on the entire slat till the other end.
  3. Repeat the procedure with the other slat.
  4. Keep one slat on the surface horizontally.
  5. Take the marker slat and place it perpendicular to the horizontal one at 2nd 1 inch mark.
  6. Stick it with the help on glue. This will be your first vertical slat.
  7. Keep placing other vertical slats in the similar fashion. Leave 1 inch space between the slats.
  8. The ends of these vertical vine slats should be even out. Put glue as you move ahead.
  9. Once the glue dries, nail the slats.

Instructions for the construction of horizontal vine trellis

  1. The second horizontal vine slat should be placed under the vertical one.
  2. Line up this slat over the marking on the previous vertical slat.
  3. Place all the slats like this at the 1 inch marking as done earlier.
  4. Put the glue where the slats cross each other.
  5. Once the glue is dry attach the slats firmly with nails.

Assembling of the vine trellis


  1. Lay out both the prepared structures with slats at a gap of about 3 foot.
  2. The lattice has to be placed on top of the boards and the edges need to be even out.
  3. Glue the lattice to the board and nail them.
  4. The bottom of the posts should be erected to the ground so that the trellis stands upright.
  5. The vine trellis can also be nailed to the side of your house or building for additional support.

Once you have

built the trellis for vines,

you can start growing them in your garden.

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