How To Grow Lupins From Seed?

Lupin is a perennial herb which grows in the month of May and June. This plant gives rise to purple, red, white and yellow colored spikes of flowers which are nearly 2-foot tall. These plants grow well in well drained soil and require full sun to partial shade for their better growth. In this article we will be discussing some of the steps to grow Lupins from seeds.

Steps To Grow Lupin From Seeds:

Some of the steps which can be followed to grow Lupin from seeds are:

  • The collection of the seeds of Lupin must be done, after the blooming of the flowers is completed and the seed pods starts to turn yellow in color. These carry ripened seeds inside the pod. So, place these pods in a box and wait till they explode and release seeds. You can store these seeds in a cool, dry place and use the in the next planting season.
  • The process of germination is carried out manually. There are usually two ways to carry it out. In the first process, soak the seeds in a warm water solution for next 24 hours which will chip open the seed coat, thus germinating them. The other way is to place the seeds in a damp towel and put it inside a zipper bag and place this bag in the refrigerator for next 7 days. This will also germinate the seeds.
  • Now, its time to plant the germinated seeds in the soil bed. Before planting the germinated seeds, make sure that your ground is fully prepared for plantation. This means that the land is properly tilted, weeds and vegetative matter is completely removed. In order to increase the fertility of the soil, it is advisable to add a handful of bone meal into the soil. Avoid the addition of any chemical fertilizer to the soil.
  • Now, sow the germinated seeds in rows. Make sure that the seeds are 1-2 inches deep inside the soil. Cover the seeds properly with the soil and water them properly too. Regular watering of the seeds is necessary, so as to keep the soil moist but ensure that it is not wet.
  • Once the plants start maturing, you can fertilize the soil by adding a high phosphorous and low nitrogen fertilizer to the soil.
  • In case, there are some faded flowers, cut them off immediately. This will promote the growth of new shoots and prolong flowering too.

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