How To Grow Peonies In Pots?

Perennial peonies are grown mostly in the months of summer and spring. These flowers bloom rapidly in spring and in summer months and give rise to green and tinged red foliage till the time the first frost of the season arrives. There are various varieties of flowers which gives rise to single and double range of bright flowers. Although they are grown mostly on the ground they can also be grown in pots, hanging baskets as well. In this article we will be discussing some of the steps to grow peonies in pots.

Steps To Grow Peonies In Pots:

Some of the steps which can be followed to grow peonies in pots are:

  • Select a pot which at least 12 inches deep. Now, fill 2/3rd of the pot with some moist potting soil. Make sure that the pot you have have drainage holes at the base which allow the excess of moisture to move out.
  • Now, just set the crown of the peony on the top in the soil in such a manner that the growing buds face in the upward direction. Make sure that the crowns are properly covered with the soil and are 1-2 inches deep inside the soil and at least 1 inches below the pot’s rim. The exact depth of their placement will depend upon the thickness of the crown.
  • Watering of the soil till the time the excess of it drains out from the lower end of the pot. Now, apply a soluble fertilizer having 5-10-5 analysis to the pot. Follow the instruction given on the packet at the time of pouring it into the soil.
  • Now, place this container in a place where it can get sunlight for at least 6 hours in a day. Water is also necessary for the better growth of the plant but do not make it very soggy.
  • Once the first frost has passed away, then add a layer of 1 inches of straw mulch covering the soil. This layer will help in protecting the crown from the winter chill. You can alternately bring in the pot indoor and set in the sunny window alternatively.
  • Once the danger of frost is over and spring arrives, you can remove the mulch and bring your pot outdoors. Keep on watering the plants regularly as keeping the soil moist is very important for the proper growth of the plant.

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