How To Grow Ranunculus From Seeds?

The plant of Ranunculus is also known as buttercup or bachelor’s button. These are perennial plants which can tolerate the frost well and can even thrive even in cool springs and mild winters. These flowers are bright in color and will be able to thrive properly in shady and damp areas.

These plants are commonly grown with the help of tubers, but seeds are very rarely used for this purpose. In this article, we will be discussing some of the basic steps which can be followed to grow these plants from seeds and yield beautiful flowers of Ranunculus in your garden.

Steps To Grow Ranunculus Plants From Seeds:

Here are a few tips which can be followed to grow ranunculus from seeds. They are:

  • The plantation of seeds in the pot is carried out in the months of spring. Make sure that the seed you sow in the potting soil is sown flat in the pot.
  • Avoid pushing the seeds into the soil, rather sprinkle them all over in the soil and then water them to moisten them. Watering of the seeds must be carried out with the spray bottles filled with water or water miser, this will not disturb the placement of the seeds.
  • Now wrap this system with a polythene cover and keep it in a cool secure place for next 2-3 weeks.
  • After a period of 3 weeks, shift the seeds from the pot to a shady place in your garden. Also, cover this area with a glass to insulate the system and create a greenhouse effect. Leave this system in this way for next three months till the time seedlings appear.
  • Once the seedlings are grown then you can transplant them in a partial-shady area, you can water the area lightly just to dampen the soil.
  • Mulching of the these seedlings must be carried out in the month of spring, this will help in keeping the soil cool. Similarly, regular watering of the soil is also important to keep the soil moist but avoid over watering of the ground.

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