Square Foot Gardening Layout

The main purpose of square foot gardening is to get the maximum harvest from a small area. It is for the same reason that a lay out of the square foot garden is very important as it will only decide which crop is to grown in which part so that maximum yield is obtained from them. In this article we will discussing some of the major tips which can be followed to plan a layout for a square foot garden.

Steps To Plan A Square Foot Gardening Layout:

Some of the steps which are required to plan a square foot garden are:

Plan Your Square Foot Garden On Paper:

The best way of planning a square foot garden is to design it on a graph paper. On this graph paper you can label the exact compass location and direction of the crops that are to be grown in that part. The location will become more clear if you will also pin point the surrounding landmarks located around that part. In this way a clear picture of the plot will be created before hand which will also help in installing the garden comfortably.

Decide What Crops Or Vegetables You Will Grow On Your Square Foot Garden:

If you will decide what kind of crops you are going to grow in your garden before hand only then it will also help you in deciding how space must be allotted to each of them for their proper growth. For example, on a section of one-foot- square, one cabbage, 16 carrots or 4 lettuces can be grown. The space required by each vegetable to grow is mentioned on the packet of seeds that is purchased for sowing.

Plan The Exact Location For Planting Each Vegetable:

While allocating a location to each vegetable you are growing to plant in your garden, it is important that keep the taller plants at the back and the smaller ones in the front. Also try to keep both the taller and smaller one in separate directions. This will prevent the smaller ones from being shaded under the taller ones. Thus, they can also have their get there share of proper light.

Do Not Leave Your Garden After The Harvest:

Once you have done with your garden, harvest your crop properly. Make sure that you add compost and then replant your garden with an entirely different and unique look.

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