Square Foot Gardening Plans

The square foot gardening is beneficial for anyone who has less time to spare for gardening and only a square foot of soil to work on. A garden of one square foot is treated as an individual garden.The limited space available in the garden makes it easy for the growing and harvesting of the plants.

On such a ground proper planning can yield good crops. The planning can be done in such a manner that one crop matures and other can be planted in its place. In this article, we will be discussing some steps that can be followed in planning your square foot garden.

Steps To Plan A Square Foot Garden:

Some of the step which can be followed while planning of a square foot garden are:

The first and foremost step is to mark the spots which are unused on that square foot. You can transform your square foot into a raised bed. It is best way of using each and every part of the square foot garden, even the unused one also. Now block your square foot with some barracating using wood logs, bricks, rocks etc. The loosening off the oil can be done using some potting soil or compost.

The next step is to create some theme for garden. Like it has to be garden in first place or not. In case you want to set up a garden then it is advisable to grow annual flowers which can be grown very easily. A short rows of colorful drawf flowers like cosmos, marigold, zinnias and many others which require less maintenance can be grown in this garden. Avoid planting annuals with hard wood as they require a lot of hard work for their proper growth.

The square foot garden areas are best training grounds for young gardeners as the plot is small so it is easy to compost to it. It can be easily distributed in rows and seeds can be distributed into it. The seeds of veggies like baby lettuce, small radishes and other veggies which can grow easily and faster in the ground can be easily grown in these plots.

You can transform your square foot garden into a herbal garden especially when your square foot garden is a damp, shady spot. In such cases herbs like mint can be plant which can act as the spreading plants. These herbs can also be planted in a sandy or sunny area too. These can create a look of a small herbal garden and can be maintained or replanted for the next year too.

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