How To Grow Hydrangea From Seed?

Hydrangea are the bushy plants which give rise to flowers with gigantic heads. These plants are available in variety of shades which varies from pink, whits and blue and nearly all the shades which lie in between them. These wonderful flowers can be grown in any garden. The plantation of these plants from seeds can be a difficult task and takes a longer time to produce flowers. But at the same time it a cost-effective method for growing these plants. In this article we will be discussing some of the methods to grow hydrangea from seeds.

Steps To Grow Hydrangea From Seeds:

Some of the steps to grow hydrangea from seeds are:

  • The seeds of Hydrangea plant can be retrieved from the shop nearby or they can be retrieved from the flower itself.
  • The seeds purchase or collected must be planted in the container first. These seeds must be sprinkled in a moist and nutrient-rich soil just an inch below the top layer. Once you have sprinkled the seeds do not mix them in the soil. The plantation of these seeds must be done in late summers and pots must be kept indoors for the entire winter season. Make sure that give keep the pot in proper sunlight, moisture and fertilize them weekly with mild-liquid fertilizer.
  • Once the spring season arrives plant these plants in a small sunny spot located outside in the area. For this purpose a hole must be dig outside which must be double the size of the root ball. Now place the seedling inside this hole and cover the hole with the soil and dust. Also add the mulch at the top of it and fertilize the soil. In order to keep the soil moist add some amount of water to the soil.
  • Addition of multipurpose fertilizer is necessary at an interval of 6 weeks. The addition of this fertilizer must be carried out by following the instructions given on the packet.
  • As these plants love water so they must be water frequently. As soon as you notice any kind of wilting in these plants you must water them immediately otherwise there are chances for them to wilt over.
  • Similarly, it is necessary to prune these plants from the month of winter up to the spring season. In case proper pruning is not carried out they will be no flowering in the plants in that season.

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