How To Grow Hydrangea In Pot?

Hydrangeas are lovely shrubs which give to spectacular flowers. These lovely flowers can be grown in pots and can be kept on your deck, patio or balcony to enhance their beauty. Although growing them in pots require a bit of hard work as compared to their plantation on ground but the container plantation of these plants can be transported to any place of their desire.

Steps To Grow Hydrangea In Pots:

Here are few basic steps which can be followed to grow hydrangea in pots. They are:

  • A bush of small variety of hydrangea is purchased from the nursery. Select that variety which can easily grow in container and is also suitable for your climate too.
  • Now select a large container which is nearly 12 inches deep and have a hole at its base for the proper drainage of the water through it.
  • While planting the hydrangea in the pot make sure that it is placed in the same depth as it was place in the soil in the garden itself. So in order to give the same depth to the plant more amount of potting soil can be added to the soil.
  • Fill the potting soil 3 inches from the top of the pot, then add 2 inches of the bark mulch at the top of the soil. This will prevent the potting from drying very quickly.
  • Watering of the hydrangea plant is necessary to keep it damp but do not make it soggy. As the containers dry quickly s o it is important to keep a check on the soil and water them before they dry off.
  • The placement of the pot containing hydrangea plant must be made on the place where it can sunlight in the morning but it has to be saved from the direct sunlight in the afternoon. This plant also requires protection from the strong winds too.
  • The pot of hydrangea must be feeded with liquid fertilizer at a gap of every 3-4 weeks during the growing season. This fertilization must be stopped in the early autumn months as the new growth comes out which is susceptible to cold.
  • In the winter months the pots of hydrangea must be moved into the shades to protect them from cold weather. Keep on the watering the plant in this tenure in order to keep the potting soil moist. Once the spring season arrives move the pots out in open again.

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