Growing Freesia In Pots

Freesia is a flower which is famous for its lovely fragrance. The flower can be easily in your garden bed or in pots too. Freesia can be growing with the help of bulbs that are small and are similar to that of onions. In this article we will be discussing some of the basic step which are required to grow freesia in pots.

Steps To Grow Freesia In Pots:

Some of the common steps which are required to grow freesia in pots are:

  • Select a pot which is at least 8 inches deep. The placement of nearly 9 bulbs of freesia can be done in this pot. In case you select a larger pot which is 15-20 inches deep, then you can plant nearly 15 to 20 bulbs in it.
  • While placing the bulb inside the pot make sure that the pointed end of the bulb must be placed facing the upward direction.
  • The pot which is selected for growing the freesia plants must have proper drainage holes so that excess of water can move out very easily.
  • Fill the pot with the potting soil having rich and basic constituents which can help in proper growth of the plant.
  • The placement of the bulbs must be done 2 inches deep inside the soil and at the distance of 2 inches.
  • Once the bulbs are properly engraved in the soil then place this pot in the sunny area for their proper growth.
  • The growth of roots and leaves will take place throughout the fall and winter but the flower will bloom only in the spring season.
  • Once the flowering season is over, the leaves will turn yellow and dry off, But keep watering the plant and keep it in proper sunlight. The foliage collected will add nutrients to the soil. Leave the plant in dormant stage for sometime, it will bloom again in the next season.

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