How To Grow Statice From Seed?

The flowers of Statice are small, colorful, straw like flowers which usually grow in bunches. These are most used in bouquets. The usual height of the statice plant is usually two and a half feet tall. Although the plant of statice is an annual it is mostly grown in spring and takes two weeks of time to grow. This plant bloom for the entire season of summer and can also with stand the winter season too. In this article we will be discussing some of the steps which are required to grow statice from seeds.

Steps To Grow Statice From Seeds:

Some of the basic steps which are required to grow statice from seeds are:

  • The seeds of satice can be directly sown in the pre-prepared garden land.
  • The seeds of statice like rich soil which is loose enough for aeration and get sunlight in good quantity.
  • The plantation of statice must be carried out in the beginning of the spring season on a fully cultivated field.
  • The seeds must be place at least 8 inches deep inside the soil and the distance between the two seeds must be at least 2 inches.
  • Water the seeds properly to keep them moist all the time. In case the germinating seeds dries off, then there are chances that they might die. So, it is necessary to provide them with the required humidity.
  • The seeds of statice need 15-20 days to germinate and once they start growing and attain a height of 3-4 inches then it is advisable transplant them at the distance of 18 inches. This is done because the plants of statice require enough space to grow properly.
  • Keep on watering the plants at regular interval of time and keep a check on the weeds which grow around. Collection of weeds around the plant can hinder the growth of the plants badly.

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