How To Grow Liatris Bulbs?

Liatris is a perennial plant which grows in America. It is tall, purple colored, stalk- like flowers which can attain the height up to 4 feet. Whenever they grow in bunches, the garden in which they are grown turns into a meadow of wildflowers. These flowers are also known as Blazing Star. Butterflies and birds flock around these flowers like magnet. So, they give a beautiful appearance to your garden. These can be easily grown with the help of bulbs in your garden. In this article we will be discussing some of the basic steps that can be followed to grow liatris bulbs in your garden.

Steps To Grow Liatris Bulbs:

Some of the steps to grow Liatris bulbs are:

  • The plantation of liatris bulbs or corms takes place from early spring to mid-summer. The selection of spot where these bulbs can be grown should be spot which gets sunlight in good quantity.
  • In order to plant these bulbs, the soil of the area must be dig up to 12 inches deep. This is done to break up the large clods of dirt and to remove the pieces of debris and rocks from the land. Once this purpose is solved the soil is leveled with the help of a rake. Although, liatris thrive in the soil of any texture and fertility, but dry soil is the most preferable for its growth.
  • Now to plant the corm, dig a hole deep enough for the corm. Actually, the placement of the corm must be done 2 inches deep from the surface of the soil. Also ensure that the distance between the two corms must be 2-4 inches.
  • The corms of Liatris must be dropped in the hole in such a way that the roots are facing in the downward direction. Once the corms are properly installed they must be covered with soil and tamp down lightly. These must be watered properly for the first three weeks after plantation.
  • Once the first sprout appears the watering must be stopped and the soil must be given enough time to dry. In case you reside in a windy area where the soil is exceptionally dry then you need to water them otherwise not.
  • You can keep on planting additional corms at the gap of every 10-15 days till early August. These corms which are planted in August, will bloom throughout the summer season.The corms of Liatris require 70 days to bloom and transform into a mature plant.

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