Small Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas

Backyard vegetable garden is the good option for growing variety of vegetables at home. You can plan your vegetable garden depending upon your taste and necessity. In this article, we will be discussing some of the basic ideas for setting up a small backyard vegetable garden.

Ideas For Setting Up A Small Backyard Vegetable Garden:

Some of the ideas for setting up a small backyard vegetable garden are:

Container Gardens:

This is the best option for those who live in cities and have limited space in their homes. They can decorate their rooftops, balconies, window panes with these gardens. There are some small vegetables available like tomatoes, cherries, bell peppers etc which can be grows in such garden. These garden can be grown in large of terra -cotta, or wooden pots or wire trellises can be used for the plants to climb. A proper set up of garden gives a beautiful look to your garden. The best part of container garden is that they can be rearranged any time you feel like and give a new look to your garden.

Spot Garden:

These are gardens which are set up for the young ones. These are tiny garden which carry one or two kinds of vegetable and are grown on the small, square sized plots near the home. Beans, squash, corns are the best options which can be grown in this garden. These gardens are usually set up to grow those vegetables which the gardener likes the most and eat a lot.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens:

This type of garden involves wooden frames which are 1-2 feet high but do not have any bottom. These frames settle themselves on the ground which is filled with soil and connect to the soil which is under it. Although these beds are above the level of the soil but the gardener have control over the soil that goes into them. The gardens of raised beds have better drainage and negligible danger of compact soil as compared to in ground beds. Usually, sensitive vegetables like cucumber, okra are grown in these beds as these vegetables can control these conditions more easily.

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