Euphorbia splendens

Euphorbia splendens milii also called as crown of thorns is a popular house plant. It forms an ideal ornamental for your patios and rock gardens. It enhances the beauty of your place and adds a special interest to the garden. The crown of thorns is considered as a symbol of of good luck. It is said that the plant represents “The Eight Saints of Chinese Mythology” every saint corresponds to a different force: Health, Beauty, Bravery, Riches, Art, Poetry, Intelligence and the last one being the power to overcome Evil Forces. Because of it’s power to engulf the Evil and bring good omen it is also called as Siamese Lucky Plant. It is believed that the one who grows this plant at home is blessed with loads of good luck.

E.splendens is a succulent woody perennial and thus requires very less care and maintenance. The plant comes in many varieties and several hybrids are available in the market. They bloom almost throughout the year and can be placed anywhere- indoors or outdoors. The flowers come in a variety of colours like red, yellow, white and pink. The plant grows best in sunny locations and prefers dry climate.

Propagation and Care:

E.splendens can be propagated by means of stem cuttings and seeds. Seed collection should be done when flowers dry. and after the seed heads dry on the plant. The cuttings should be taken from the base of the plant. for cuttings always select a short plant instead of tall plant. While handling the plant protect your hands by wearing gloves because the milky white sap secreted by the plant is extremely poisonous and leads to serious skin irritation and itching. Sap when falls into the eye can lead to blindness. The plant if ingested can lead to nausea, vomiting and headache. The cut end should be hardened by drying before planting it into the containers. The plant being a succulent does not require much care. It can grow well in dry, porous and well-drained soil. It needs partial to full sun exposure. Maximum exposure to sun rays helps in better growth of the plant. It should be watered on an regular basis, over- watering should be avoided as it can lead to death of the plant.

E.splendens is a beautiful low growing plant that brightens up your patio. It is suitable for indoors and blooms all the year round. But, it should be planted away from the reach of children as it is poisonous.

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