How to Use Garden Hoe Tool

Hoe tool is an very important agricultural tool. It consists of a sharp blade and a shaft. It has a very simple and unsophisticated appearance but is associated with many uses the most important being weeding and drawing out soil. Hoe tool is not only used in the agricultural field but it also finds use in archaeology for excavating the area. It is every efficient in digging out soil and helps attain the task at a much faster rate compared to other tools. Hoe tool is called as pacul or cangkul in Indonesia. In Tamilnadu it is called as mammoty.

Types of Hoe Tools

Depending upon the design, appearance and the purpose hoe tools can be of various types:

Draw Hoe:

it consists of a blade with a shaft at right angle to it. It is used to draw out soil during the plant drills or while digging out potatoes.

Collinear Hoe:

it has a sharp, narrow blade that slices the weed by skimming above the soil surface. It also finds use in chopping and drawing soil.

Cutting Hoe:

it is commonly used for weeding. Depending upon the design and arrangement of blade, handle it is of two types:

Dutch Hoe:

it has a flat blade that pushes or pulls through the soil to cut weeds.


it has a pointed blade that allows easy access through the weeds and easily pulls them out.

Dego Hoe:

it has a heavy and broad blade with flat edge and is used for typical farming and gardening purposes.

Stirrup Hoe:

it has a double edge blade that cuts the weeds below the soil surface by moving back and forth. It is very efficient compared to other designs.


Hoe tool finds several uses in the farming and gardening. It is used :

  • To agitate and loosen the soil before sowing seeds.
  • For hilling that is, piling the soil around the plants.
  • For drilling, creating furrows and shallow trenches before planting seeds.
  • To dig out soil, and slice weeds and other crop residues.


  • Remove and wash the soil from the hoe after the use.
  • Wipe the water or allow it to dry. Never store it wet, it an be prone to rust and rot.
  • Sharpen it during the gardening season using a hone or whetstone.
  • To prevent rusting you can spray penetrating oil over it after use.

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