Bachelor Button Plant

Bachelor button, a native of Europe is a beautiful annual plant. But is now found through out the world as they are easy to grow and require no care. The plants are multi-stemmed with grayish green foliage and yields many flowers. The flowers are blue in color with petals flaring out. The flowers retain their color even after dried hence used for dry flower arrangements.

Bachelor button planting

  • Bachelor buttons do not require any special conditions as such. They can grow in any soil and weather conditions. Just provide them with some water and fertilizer, you will be happy to see them giving beautiful blooms.
  • Loosen the soil one or two weeks before the final frost.
  • Sow the seeds ¼ inch deep into the soil.
  • Seeds start to germinate between 7-14 days after sowing. The seedlings are to be replaced again 6 to 8 inches apart.
  • About 10-12 weeks after germination, the first blooms appear in early summer.

Bachelor button transplanting:

  • Choose a location to transplant the seedling and loosen the soil using a shovel. This should be done after the final frost has passed away.
  • Dig holes for seedlings and make sure to plant them 6-12 inches apart from each other. This enables the plants to spread and roots to grow properly.
  • Remove the seedlings carefully and replant them. Spread apart the roots with your fingers if they are bound. Cover the roots with the soil.
  • Water the plants till the soil completely takes it. Also apply liquid fertilizer.
  • Mulch the soil with compost, peat moss or manure around the plant’s base. This helps thae soil to retain moisture and keeps weeds away from growing.


  • Bachelor buttons once they attain true leaves, require no much care. They are easy to maintain.
  • To protect the plants from insects and diseases, apply fungicides, pesticides or homemade sprays.
  • Even though the plants tolerate dry soil, it is best to provide them with some water.
  • Apply fertilizers at-least once in a month.

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